Monthly Archives: November 2013

Inspired School Directors More Important than Evaluation Systems

I believe that small schools run by inspired directors have the best chance of meeting the needs of both teachers and students. The essential element in such a  school is the close relationships between educators based on the work at hand. If a group of teachers, guided by a master teacher/principal, keeps their eye on the […]

Department of Education Sets Out to Woo Top Students to Teaching: Hype or a Real Sea Change?

The federal Department of Education is spearheading an advertising campaign aimed at attracting top college students to the field of education. The campaign “…uses video spots and radio announcements that portray teaching as creative, invigorating and meaningful, and as compelling a career as medicine, acting or engineering.” The catalyst for the campaign is both the […]

School Boards, Superintendents, Taxpayers Responsible for Creating Good Schools for All Children

The current public school system in Maine rewards teachers and administrators for working in schools with students from advantaged families. These professionals are paid more than their counterparts working in poorer districts. This is a result of our outdated funding system, which relies on local property taxes and sometimes philanthropy to cover much of the […]