Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ask the Teachers

We think of public schools in rural areas and those in our nation’s inner cities as being two completely different animals, but in several crucial ways they are in fact remarkably similar. Both are generally staffed and funded in ways that favor the haves over the have-nots, and both share the considerable challenge of needing […]

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Think Global!

  Language learning has historically been thought of in this country as something primarily for the elite – or for the hopelessly geeky. Now that we live in a global world this attitude needs to change. Our children need to learn other languages to fluency and they need to become comfortable with cultures other than […]

Global Education: of core importance

We live in an age when pundits, presidents, business leaders, and the general public alike extol the importance of global education. Yet the curriculum in most of our elementary and middle level public schools in Maine consigns social studies and geography to the category of second-rank subjects, and views world languages as a ‘frill.’ The […]