Monthly Archives: January 2013

Virtual Schools

Virtual Schools Governor LePage’s push to bring virtual charter schools to Maine threatens to increase the already shameful inequities in an education system that favors the privileged. Educated parents will not enroll their children in virtual schools and the gap between the haves and have not’s will be widened. Instead of improving education for the […]

The Need for Collaboration

Schools and school systems are arguably amongst the most complex social institutions we have, and this is why they are so hard to change. They involve the hopes, school histories, attitudes toward childhood, psychology, and learning assets and challenges of an enormous array of stakeholders. These stakeholders include the students themselves, their families, everyone who […]

Roadmap to School Improvement

  According to the study More Efficient Public Schools in Maine: Learning Communities Building the Foundation of Intellectual Work released August 10, 2012 by the Center for Education Policy, Applied Research, and Evaluation at the University of Southern Maine, some schools in Maine significantly outperform others both in terms of academic achievement and making the […]